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Network Panda Web Hosting positive review by a 3 years customer

I first registered with NetworkPanda in September 2012 after coming across a special promo they had posted on WebHostingTalk ( I have to admit that I was skeptical but since the price was only $0.98 per month I decided to give it a try, initially for a month and if everything went well I would keep renewing annually. Well… everything went and is still going well.

About me

My name is Thomas Scott, I live and work in Ontario, Canada, I am a web developer and since 2007 I have been working a lot with WordPress. I love technology, Internet and I know how important is for a site to be online as much as possible. This is what I need not only for my own web site but for my customers’ sites as well. I develop web sites for customers and I have been frequently changing hosts trying to find one which betters suits my requirements. This was until I found NetworkPanda in 2012 and haven’t looked for another host ever since.

The registration process

The registration process and order went smooth, OK, nothing special here. I typed my domain, details, submitted the order, paid with my PayPal account and in 2 minutes my hosting account was ready, up and running. I received a fully detailed message not only with the basic information (cPanel, username, password) but also with lots of additional info such as guides, FAQ and advice for better running my web site. NetworkPanda does not use WHMCS or any other ready made billing system, they have instead developed their own billing script. Which I like a lot, have a look at a screenshots of the client area UI (click them to enlarge). I have blurred ony the IP address and usernames of sites I develop for my customers for privacy reasons.

Site performance and uptime

I have been using the following servers:
DAL1 (Dallas server 1)
DAL2 (Dallas server 2)
UK1 (London UK server 1)
I am more than satisfied with their uptime and the speed of my web sites. The uptime is very very good as well, 99.98 Р100%

Just check the screenshot from an uptime monitor which checks 24/7/365 the site. It is Uptime Robot.

AppDevPoint -Uptime Robot - Dashboard



The service works so flawlessly that I had to open only 3 tickets in 3 years. The first one asking them to migrate my account from my old host to them. It was done in less than 1 hour and after changing the nameservers it took about 1 hour for the DNS propagation. Just a total of 2 hours and my site was flying with them.

The second ticket was to ask them to transfer a large 1 GB file from another server to theirs. I could not download it to my computer and then upload it to the server with my snail-speed DSL connection. They wget-ed the file for me in approximately 3 minutes.

The third ticket was about installing a PHP module, intl. They did it in less than 30 minutes. Awesome.

Free SSL certificates and HTTPS access

This month, December 2015 they announced the launch of free SSL certificates. Not the free SSL certificates that you get free for one year with some $15/month hosts but free lifetime SSL automatically renewed forever even with the $1 per month plans. I installed the SSL on my site which is now accessible via both HTTP and HTTPS.

Why all this fuzz with HTTPS? Because it is more secure, it is the future, it enhances your ranking in Google and other search engines and it makes your web site look professional.


I haven’t regretted even for a single second my choice. All of the 3 servers I am using in their network are working fine and never had the uptime drop below 99.98%. Instead it could go at 100% for several months in a row. Their support is always there to help in a friendly yet professional manner. Especially after July 2014 they hired new technicians and it became even better.
This host which I was thinking that seemed too good to be true turned out to be both very good and very true.


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